Tested Expertise, Deep Experience

For 20 years, Attorney Jana Eisinger has provided her clients with insightful legal expertise that has brought victory after victory, time after time, in some of the nation's most challenging civil cases.

Jana began her career as a criminal prosecutor in New York City where she earned a reputation as a tough, uncompromising courtroom lawyer unafraid to fight for the truth. Her experience as both a prosecutor and civil litigator has made her a sought-after specialist known for innovative strategies, meticulous research, and proven results. Armed with civil experience gained at several of the nation’s most renowned law firms and Fortune 50 public companies, the firm Jana founded is dedicated to making expert legal counsel available to all clients, both large and small.     



Current Cases 

Included below are examples of the cases the firm is currently handling.

Adamson v. ADT et al.

John Adamson and others brought a class action against ADT challenging ADT's early termination fees and its practice of unilaterally increasing customer's prices while they are under contract with ADT.  The complaint alleges, among other claims, that ADT's practices violate the Truth In Lending Act (TILA) and the consumer protection laws of the states of California and Maryland.  

Reid v. Unilever et al.

Three class actions have been filed against Unilever United States Inc. on behalf of consumers nationwide who purchased the Suave Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit.  The complaints allege that the Kit caused scalp burns and significant hair loss when properly applied, and that Unilever falsely marketed the Kit and that it was negligently designed. The complaints further allege that Unilever did not properly and appropriately recall the Kit.

In re Domestic Drywall Antitrust Litigation

The firm represents a number of clients who are indirect purchasers of drywall and are named plaintiffs in a complaint alleging that the major domestic drywall manufacturers violated antitrust laws by conspiring to fix prices on the sale of drywall from 2012 through the present.  The parties are currently engaged in discovery.

Rodoco v. Freedom Industries et al.

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a number of small businesses and individuals in West Virginia who suffered damages as a result of a chemical spill from the Freedom Industries facility into the Elk River on January 9, 2014.  The chemical spill occurred upstream from the principal West Virginia American Water intake and contaminated the water of up to 300,000 West Virginia residents within 9 counties. Restaurants were shut down and a "do not use" advisory for drinking water was instituted which resulted in disruption of business and loss of income for affected businesses, as well as exposure to crude 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol.